Oil pipeline anti-rust varnish

Analysis on production process and performance of oil pipeline,which pointed out that the main reason for the lack of oil pipeline anti-rust performance and proposed oil pipeline coating process improvement, and the correct selection of a rust-proof varnish in order to achieve long-lasting anti-corrosion effect. The basic requirements of the oil pipeline rust layer. The production process of the oil pipeline, the long-distance transport conditions and open dumps time, rust varnish should have the following properties: good construction performance, security, environmental protection, quick drying; bright, transparent film, does not cover Coding ID, do not cover up the steel pipe surface rusty state; oil pipeline to withstand wind, sun, rain and other environmental conditions, anti-rust layer should have good weather resistance; impact, bumps and impact damage during handling and transport of the oil pipeline, there factor, anti-rust layer should have good impact resistance; the operation of shipping, hot and humid zones, anti-rust layer should have good moisture resistance, salt spray resistance; in the cold region in winter and summer desert regions, the ambient temperature -30 to 60 กใ C, anti-rust layer should have good temperature variability. Coated tube is a preservative tube, spray anti-corrosion coatings prepared in the ordinary oil pipeline corrosion preventive coating are strong. Compared with the coating tubing spraying process, the coating process of the anti-rust layer of the oil pipeline is far too simple: the construction of the steel pipe surface pre-treatment; only spray an anti-rust paint, coating thickness is insufficient and uneven; coating drying insufficient coating strength is not enough, easy to destroy; the appearance of the coating thickness, leakage, adhesion did not examine the control. It can be seen: the anti-rust layer of the oil pipeline to improve performance, optimize the production process, it is necessary to ensure that the coating quality.